Maid for Melbourne


Pricing :

Weekly or fortnightly services – $75 for the first 2 hour $25/hour thereafter

Occasional cleaning – $90 for the first 2 hours – $30/hour thereafter

One-off cleaning/end of lease – $155 for the first 3 hours – $40/hour thereafter

hourly rate :

 weekly fortnight clean $75 for 2 hours - $25ph
occasional cleaning
$90 for 2 hours - $30ph
minimum 3 hours
one-off or end of lease $155 for 3 hours - $40ph
first 2 hours7590
3 hours100120155
4 hours125150195
5 hours150180235
6 hours175210275
7 hours200240315
8 hours225270355

Maid for Melbourne cleaners are paid on the day of each service by either cash or internet transfer. For a one-off service the only payment method is cash on the day of the service. All of these transactions are paid directly to your cleaner and the cleaner will leave a receipt on the day of the clean.